DCC and Cosmetics

For over 30 years, DCC has offered exceptional quality products and service to the Cosmetic industry.  We offer a full line of Inorganic (including Iron Oxides), Organic (D&C and FD&C), and natural pigments (Carmine).

The cosmetic industry is global and consequently, we have selected a range of products, which conform to as a wide range of national regulations as possible.


It is a regulatory necessity in the USA that all cosmetic colors conform to given purity specifications and furthermore, organic colors must be certified by the FDA on a batch to batch basis, before they can be formulated into finished cosmetic products.


DCC organic colors meet this requirement, thereby extending universal assurance of quality.

Until 2016, DCC represented Kingfisher Colours, Ltd. as sole agent for USA and Canada.  Unfortunately the company Kingfisher Colours Ltd., is no longer in business, however we proudly still offer many of their standards.  Please contact us for more detailed and technical information on them.



Background: The Kingfisher bird was chosen as the logo for this brand not only because it displays brilliant colors but because it is native to all continents...Just like our colorants!

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